OJs Elite Nomads Wheels 95A (53mm)

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Old Man Skater 29-05-2021 17:11

Let me tell you a lil somethin’ about these wheels.

One day I was watching a YouTube skater and he’s like, “101 wheels instantly changed my skating.”

So the next day, I jump in my car in Calgary and cruise over to Shredz in Cochrane.

“Why wouldn’t you just go to one of the plethora of skate shops in Calgary?!” - you ask…

Well because the dudes at Shredz are cool af and super helpful.

Anyway, I walk in, and say, “I need 101’s ASAP!”

The dude behind the counter - presumably sizing up the extra 40 lbs around my waist and the wrinkles around my eyes that say I’m 15 years past my physical prime - says considerately…

“101s? Or maybe you want to try something just a bit softer?”

“Nope. 101’s all the way!”

He rings me up.

The next day I take them to the park.

It is the most terrifying experience of my life. Imagine skating at a park that is made of ice and you’re on roller blades.

It was like that.

The board literally shot out sideways when I did an old man half cab into a super mellow bank.

I give them another couple sessions but it isn’t getting any better.

So before I kill myself, I go back into Shredz…

“So uh, yeah, softer wheels might a good idea.”

These guys go into full on consultation mode. Even telling me to grab my board from the car so they can check the hardness on my old wheels (the ones I rode before the 101’s almost crippled me).

I bring the board in…

“Dude, these are like 85’s. How about some 95 OJ’s?”

They ring me up again.

And oh baby!

LIFE changing. This was the instant change in my skating I was looking for when I grabbed the 101's.

The perfect balance of everything.

Speed, pop, control.

For example…

Over the last year I’ve been in pursuit of the elusive tre flip.

Even buying a smaller board, thinking that was why I wasn’t getting them past 270.

To no avail. Still couldn’t land a tre.

Slapped these suckers on today…

Landed a tre an hour ago.

One of the attempts I even over rotated the damn thing. That’s how responsive these wheels are.

And the kicklfips…


They pop AT LEAST 6 feet high (or at least they feel that way).

This review is super long.

So to summarize…

They’re the best wheels I’ve ever ridden.

So if you want to have fun skateboarding.

Buy these wheels. Now.

If you have a death wish (or you're laughing reading this review cause you're way better than me) take a look at some 101’s.

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