Ryan Spate

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Ryan Spate

Shredz Welcomes Ryan Spate To The Team! Here's his official team page with bio, interview, pictures & videos!

Ryan Spate

Name: Ryan J Spate

Age: 27

Current Setup: 8.25 Darkstar Skate, 54’ Bones Blanks, Bones Swiss Ceramics, 149’ Thunder Hallows, Thrasher Mob Grip

Sponsors: SHREDZ Skateshop, DC Shoes & Apparel, Remind Insoles

Ryan Spate Backside Tailslide Calgary Alberta Canada
Ryan Spate - Backside Tailslide 32nd Ave Rail (photo: Liam Glass) 

Most Embarrassing Moment: Slightly embarrassing and most definelty stupid. It was halloween, in the middle of nowhere outside of Calgary getting kicked out of this house party. I was lit on Whiskey and shit talking this dude, before we left I went to take a piss in the snowy field, collapsed and passed out over my piss for a couple minutes while it was freezing out. Luckily Father Wes was the only person who does head counts and found me. Thank you again Wes!

Favorite Pro Growing Up: There’s never one, Andrew Reynolds and Chris Cole, for obvious reasons

First Video Growing Up: North, a Vancouver made video, Ted De Gross’s part was my favourite, way ahead of his time. Emerica “This is Skateboarding” was another I bought right after, watched both of these videos religiously!

Favorite Video Of All Time: Zero’s “DYING TO LIVE” Another beauty classic of gnarly skating I also watched religiously growing up.

Last Song You Listened To: Stormy Love, NM. By ZHU, JOY

Last Movie You Watched: Mid 90’s on Halloween, dressed up in thrift store 90’s gear with Lane Mosolf and hit the theatre in style

Ryan Spate triple kink 50-50 Grind Calgary skateboarding
Ryan Spate - 50-50 Grind Okotoks, Alberta (Photo: Liam Glass)

Dream Non-Skate Sponsor: JUGO JUICE or Colegate toothpaste, need them pearly whites

Dream Vacation: Barcelona for 2 months with the boys for a perfect skate trip. Long islands will be had everyday

Death Row - Last Supper: Creole Steak & Shrimp - 8 oz New York Streak, Cajun rub, Creole butter and creole tiger prawns sautéed in creamy garlic butter

Most Grom Thing You've Ever Done: Probably everything a grom does. Cut people off, show off or annoy the hell of out someone.

Worst Purchase: Rollerblades

If You Had To Punch One Person In The World In The Face: Steve Graham, but I still love ya

Ryan Spate Kickflip Calgary Skateboarding Liam Glass Photo
Ryan Spate - Kickflip An XL Gravel Gap In Calgary (photo: Liam Glass)

Life Swap For A Day: Dan Bilzerian, guy seems douchy but hey, you see his instagram? Surrounded by models and enjoying life having fun. Seems like a good swap for one day right?

Time You Thought You Were Going To Die: Trying to bomb down Beaver Dam about 5 years ago. You had to take a boat ride to get there. First 15 minutes being there I got over confident and went for this gap at the top to bank, it was pretty burly. So I made it to the bottom but when I tried to roll it out going up the other side there was a small crack you have to push over to go up. I stuck and knocked myself out. Next thing I know I’m getting on a boat and going to the hospital. I remember bleeding out of my ear so much the entire front of my white shirt was blood. Thats when I realized, oh my god am I going to bleed out and die? But my homie Landon had a towel to cover and help slow it down. Was in the hospital for a whole week doing tests. Road rash all over my back, one side of my face got it good and my arm. I’m sorry to the friends that day who had to witness it.

Website You Check Everyday: Thrasher Magazine and King Skate when they have new stuff to post.

Thank you: Sam Stuart, Jay Nielsen, Parents, my brother Brycen, skateboarding and my friends!

Ryan Spate Skateboarding Videos:


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