Independent Trucks Logo Change

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Independent Trucks Logo Change

It looks like Independent trucks are changing their famous cross logo. Read more...

Independent Trucks Changes Their Logo
If you've picked up a pair of Independent Trucks in the last couple weeks, you'll notice a big difference between the Indy's that came out months before. All the New Independent trucks have no cross logos on the baseplates.

This has been a huge topic of conversation over the last couple months. With some people claiming that the Independent trucks logo is offensive because it was loosely based off the iron cross, a symbol that was super popular in the surfing and motorcycle culture in 70's Southern California, but was also used in some nazi memorabilia.

Independent Trucks Logo

Jim Phillips designer of the original logo did say he was inspired by the iron cross with the design, but tweaked it to make it his own, and actually ended up using a photo of the pope to draw inspiration for the final Independent trucks logo.

Independent Trucks Time Magazine Pope Logo Cover

For now, Independent has pulled the cross logo from all their trucks and says a new logo is coming soon. The new Independent trucks logo will be first seen in the next issue of Thrasher Magazine.

Independent has started to phase out the cross logo. The new Independent trucks logo will be the logo featured on the new ads and everything moving forwards. The old logo is still coming out on a few clothing pieces moving forwards but will be phased out. 

Independent Trucks Milton Martinez Dictionary Hill bomb ad new Independent trucks logo

What are your thoughts on the logo controversy? Is it offensive and needs to be changed? Are people taking it out of context/ is it overkill? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Fernando Haddad Fernando Haddad

    Disappointed! Sign of weak leadership at the top of the company. Paraphrasing Indy’s own words…Fuck (what used to be) the best, I’ll now ride the rest! ACE trucks, here I come!

  2. Rich Schnippel Rich Schnippel

    Looks like a company caves to left wing freaks that don’t even use their products. What a slam to Phillips who created the logo and convinced them it was fine and had NOTHING to do with Nazis. Should have used the same argument to the snowflakes crying over the logo. Product is still great…but the company and leadership behind it lacks backbone…they should be embarrassed. Oh well…at least the price of beer didn’t go up.

  3. Garuda Hawk Garuda Hawk

    My buddy Phro was the manger in San Francisco and bay area for years probably still is it makes me sick to see independent not so independent.Yah its just a logo you know Thrasher promotes flames did you know there's flames in fire and fire in hell. You guys are fucking stupid well guess ill have to ride all my old indys or just ebay me for 50gs

  4. Michael Yamasaki Michael Yamasaki

    Do you remember cherry coke?
    No one does!
    It almost ruined coke.
    I personally never gave them another chance I switched to Dr Pepper.
    It may not make any difference to you but to some change comes hard.
    I’ve been an independent truck rider since they first came out. It was hard for me to accept the changes to stage 11.

  5. Mike lowry Mike lowry

    Old logo wasn’t anything special, neither is the new one tbh. Doesn’t matter either way, as long as the trucks are good that’s all that matters. Baseplates actually look way better just plain. Also noticed they removed the hollow logo on the hanger and changed the tags from white to grey. Can anyone confirm if it’s exactly the same spec truck?

  6. Colin Colin

    The new look actually looks smarter and cleaner, all things considered. Just too small surface area on pivot support to inscribe a logo there. (whatever the logo is makes it look too busy) Independent name already on the baseplate. That is all you need. It's a skateboard truck, not a billboard. Buy some Indy stickers if you like the logo so much.

  7. Bro bro Bro bro

    Guys, it’s a logo. Get over it.

    Not only that, but no one needs religious or war symbolism in skating anyway. I’m old but am happy to move on. Grow up

  8. Cole Varner Cole Varner

    Old logo is iconic. People ruin shit just because they can. I loved the indy cross. That cross represents so much in the skate community. I wonder what phelps would've thought of this. Smh still watchin.

  9. Johnny Wetbrain Johnny Wetbrain

    Damn. I've been thinking about tattooing the Indy label on me for a while now. That seels it. DOIN IT TODAY. Next I'll tattoo the pennywise logo on the other arm "p over w inside a circle" often confused as meaning white power or peckerwood! When someone tries to bash me for being "white supremacist" I'll be like Oh god no, Im just stuck in 90's skate culture you got me all wrong.But now that you mention it, it's time to grow up, leave this skater crap behind. Gonna cut my hair, get a real mans cut down to the skin. Trade these etnies for some steel toe work boots and get a job in a facrory, join the reall workin class. Buy some suspenders so my pants never sag again. And most importantly get political, time to really grow up, get serious about securing a future for my children. No more of this slacker ass white power racist nazi propaghanda from the likes of independent and these other companies. How blind was I not to see it in their imagery. Thank you for once again showing me the light wonderful nonbinary social justice warrior person. There is still over 1 million black people incarcerated (a third of the US prison population which is the highest in the world), but a skateboard truck company knows it should not display what could be misconstrued as a racist symbol on its products.

  10. Oli Oli

    90% of these comments just further proving how backwards and toxic skateboarding is. There are so many problems in skateboarding, there’s is a lot of progression but it seems that for every step forward there are two steps back. I think skateboarding is the beat thing in the world and I manage to stay clear of the drama side of it because it’s depressing, a load of you need to think before you talk. I don’t know why I’m still shocked by some of the terms being thrown around, I thought we’d be a bit beyond it now, I guess it could just be a lot of 10 year olds saying “gay, fag, libtard, pussies, soft” etc. But if not, grow up because that is crazy.

  11. ThepartialJew ThepartialJew

    Oh hey look my one problem with indys marketing resolved. Still gonna seek krux but good on ya for changing, a logo that can be seen as racist.

  12. keepthecross keepthecross

    lmao such a liberal thing to do. politics should never be in skateboarding and look what happens, cant be surprised. these fuckers are actual soft ass pussies who dont know what the fuck theyre even talking about half the time. thanks indy, cant believe you surrended to the gay fucktards. very disappointed.

  13. Glen Caines Glen Caines

    I really don't care. The whole image thing must have deeply imprinted in you fuckers crying about this. Show your radical toughness by not crying about a corporate image.

  14. Also since '78 Also since '78

    Although I appreciate NHS tryna keep the peace & navigating these crazy-ass times, it's an unfortunate forfeiture. It's not the Confederate flag or a Swastika, it's a cross. One that still exists as a multitude of emblems, religious or not, ie; German military aircraft still to this day. A cross that simply "looked tough" utilizing the middle "E" in "Independent Suspension". Racism is absolutely wrong but how does this really help? I mean what's next? George Powell's Bones Swiss and Super Swiss cross? The cultural appropriation of the Asian alphabet "characters" on the "Reds" and the Hispanic graffiti art with "Ratbones"? Or DogTown? What about the Thrasher Skategoat, or open drugs and alcohol? Or Vision's reissue of an iconic graphic that turns out to be a convicted killer? Or or or?! When does it end?
    Btw, like much skateboard equipment aside from most wheels, ACE trucks (although rad) are also made in China.

  15. El_Pinta El_Pinta

    Lol love to read the comments from Nazis whining because a company does what the fuck it wants with its logo.

  16. Damian Damian

    I have a Indy cross tattoo. Should i now get a cover up????????? Puts head in hands.

  17. Bennett Bennett

    Lol at the one guy that said he’s proud of being white.
    That’s like being proud of having hands. It’s not an accomplishment. Talk about triggered. Too funny. And then these guys are gonna what, buy other trucks from companies that all sponsor minorities because they got pissed at a truck company for ditching a logo inspired buy designs used by a group that oppressed minorities? Pass the popcorn... this should be a show called American brain masters.

  18. James Finley James Finley

    This is funny shit! VW was built by Nazis for the common man! Actually created by the Third Reich! Bet you fake ass clowns still drive your Jew hating, racist fucking car! Fake ass clowns

  19. Bret Taylor Bret Taylor

    Lenny Bruce, the infamous comedian, said that we can take back language that was used against people, like racial slurs. This holds true for symbols. Independent took a symbol back from people who misused it and gave it a better association. What a shame they can't see that.


    RIDICULOUS! Cancel Culture WTF
    The Cross has been the Indy logo for 43 Years!
    Now because of a few over sensitive fools they abandoned the Image that Identifies the brand.
    What happened to: Ride the Best! FUCK THE REST! ? Fausto is rolling over in his grave!

  21. Jessica Jessica

    These comments look like the same idiot commented on here multiple times using different names. Probably couldn't skate for shit anyway

  22. Cancel culture can blow me Cancel culture can blow me

    All of the people who complained about the logo can go suck my big white cock. I'm proud to be white and you can go cry about it. Fuck independent too pieces of shit. Hope that offends all of you. Maybe cry into a pillow tonight and it'll help you feel better knowing the world doesn't revolve around you. Fucking pussies.

  23. Binky Binky

    Old white dudes seem to love the logo because it's edgy and bikers use it and seem to think a skateboard truck brand and "not caring what people think" are major parts of their personality. These are the folks crying about part of their favourite toy changing whilst claiming everyone else is "easily offended".
    Old School Indys never had the logo on the baseplate and it scratches off pretty quick if you actually skate and do nose/tail tricks.

  24. Jarrell Jarrell

    I wish they wouldn’t change it B/c the company is big part of making skateboards better over the years plus in our skate community we all love skaters from all different countries we all get along

  25. Winger27 Winger27

    Get rid of our. I get out, you ask aren't nazis, but I watched a video with a kid wearing this symbol on his shirt.. had to look it up.. cause I couldn't believe these kids were white supremacist, figured it was something like this.. I'm a hockey player, have no clue about trucks etc.
    It's a cool logo, but needs to change. There are lots of cool logos out there, be creative, make a penis, anything but race hate links.. please.

  26. Justin 3 Justin 3

    Was more offended by the Made in China than any logo finally surrendered to a pair of Aces (AF1's) Zero complaints. Indy finally gave me a reason to pull the trigger.

  27. Edisdead Edisdead

    Also.... I’m more offended by it’s connection to religion.
    Any religion, you can keep that too.

    Put something more meaningful in its place. A magnesium bolt that sets fire to things ... and lights up the sky with the words “fuck organised religion, hypocrisy and Nazis, corporate sheep and T shirts with logos!”

  28. Edisdead Edisdead

    Let’s be honest here. It’s the Nazi symbolism that was being referenced when it was created. In the same way biker culture adopted it as well as Nazi helmets etc. This cross goes Wayyyyy back. The Knights Templar used it when they were around 500 years ago... fighting Muslims I may add. It appears on many Tudor crowns and is used in the catholic faith a fair bit.
    If you change trucks because you don’t like the logo changing... well that’s up to you but I couldn’t give a shit about a logo. (It grinds off the truck pretty quickly if you’re actually using them)
    Use what you enjoy using and stop stressing the small stuff.
    Do you enjoy skateboarding? What could you do to improve it for yourself and others. Put your energy into that and buy what ever you like!

  29. ACE ACE

    hey i'm offended by words. Let's forbid them for good as they are the way to reinforce the culture of bigotry, ignorance, racism and privilege. In 2021 the brand should also change the name to Not so Indepent - #build to woke.

  30. Dutch McKracken Dutch McKracken

    I never thought Id see the day when skateboarding and Indy worried about being pc. Im glad I got to live in a time before whiny ass cry babies didnt dictate our culture. Indy worried about offending people well guys I am offended. Where did you guys leave your nuts? Can you please go find em and reattatch? If it wasnt meant to be racist when you created it then it wasnt. If it was meant that way shame on you and eat a whole bowl of dick. Ace trucks just sold another set and if they ride like everyone says a new loyal pilot.

  31. skate or dissinigrate skate or dissinigrate

    look this makes no sense how they want to take this logo out but not the thrasher satanic logo like wey skate culture is for the hard not the soft and to see this proves my point in how the skate community went from the real cholo dawgs and outcast to these alt barking dogs like bruh imma real one i dont need some white alt chick or some retarded ass cullo to make decisions for us so I say keep the old logo and if you don't like it toss em

  32. UnproudBoy UnproudBoy

    It's about time this symbol of ignorance and hatred is removed. All of those kids who used to unwittingly buy trucks from a racist brand should get a REFUND.

  33. Kingy Kingy

    We don’t want no iron cross logos offending black kids while they listen to racist gangsta rap and smoke blow.

  34. Mel Mel

    I like Indys for how they ride, not for their logo. I do not give a damn about them changing their logo.

  35. rachel rachel

    HAHAHA @ all these arrogant boomer comments...everyone including jim phillips knew this cross was a nazi symbol when they created it. jim phillips even said the other founders didn't wanna use it for that reason but he convinced them to bc it looked cool or whatever...y'all should have seen this one coming LMAO. now you're mad bc white men don't run the world nomo and you're actually facing consequences for your asinine marketing decisions. stupid games win stupid prizes, folks! xP

  36. Andross Andross

    I don't really care what any company's logo looks like. But changing their logo after 40 years because some uneducated kids on the internet are complaining is just weak.

    So much for Independent being a hard core skate company. It's just a regular company like Apple or Pepsi.

    I bought some Ace trucks, and if they're good, i stop riding indys after 20 years.

  37. Bo Bo

    I hope their new logo looks great on the panties they're making for the pansies who got triggered by the old logo

  38. Bullied by fear Bullied by fear

    Why is Indy changing their logo? Fear. Justifiable fear of being attacked over nothing. This cross has nothing to do with Nazism or racism. Nothing. So are these bullies who are insisting that this cross stop being used going to insist that Hindus and Buddhists stop using their ancient symbol of good...because it was used by the Nazis? These thought bullies who are looking for anything to vilify and attack need to check themselves. Isn’t bullying and intimidation exactly what they are supposedly against? The hypocrisy here is astounding.

  39. Jian Wang Jian Wang

    Ha, ha, ha!!! We win again!!!

    Up yours Christians!!!!

    P.S. - We don't even LIKE skateboarding!!!

  40. Gianluca Marras Gianluca Marras

    I'm sorry for the bunch of disturbed pussies that have a problem with this logo,If j was them I'd rather make sure I buy a space in a graveyard and get buried alive, living life the way they do it it's an offense to the human being species, sorry have I been offensive now? Just blow me cunts!!!

  41. Jim Jim

    Lol wimpy ass old men. "If I like it it is a good thing! Do not change things I like!!!"

    Imagine getting this offended over a pr move. You pussies need to toughen up, stop being so sensitive.

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