Brandon Curcio

Brandon Curcio

"Last Song You Listened To: In Da Club by 50 cent"
Brandon Curcio has been a shop kids for a long time and it's been rad watching him grow into his own style! Read his interview and watch his latest clips from Vancouver.

Brandon Curcio


Age: 17

Current Setup: Shredz Deck 8.5, 149 Indy Trucks with bones medium bushings, Reds Bearings and Spitfire Formula Four Wheels.

Favorite pro growing up: Jamie Tancowny

Favorite Video: Stay Gold

Last Song You Listened To: In da club by 50 cent

Dream Non-skate Sponsor: Papa Johns Pizza

Dream vacation: New York or SF

Your Last Supper: Pizza

Website You Check Everyday: Quartersnacks

Thank You: my mom and the shredz fam






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