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Luke Pasishnik

18 Oct, 2016

Shredz Snowboarding Team Profile: Luke Pasishnik. Sponsors: Shredz shop, Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards, Union Bindings, Airblaster Outerwear, Vans Shoes, Kingpin Agencies, Arts vs. Crafts Read more

Callum Derrig In Kingshit Magazine

12 Oct, 2016

Callum Derrig grinds a massive curved and knobbed rail in Portland, OR. This picture is from our Shredz skate trip to Portland this summer, we went back to this rail a couple times because you usually get kicked out within a couple minutes. On our second last attempt the security guard told us to come back later that evening because there were no events going on and he wouldn't have to kick us out. We went back and around 20 minutes later Callum was rolling away from this 50-50. Read more

Shredz: Best Shop Break-In Story Ever

04 Oct, 2016

This is an article that I wrote and was published in Board Press Magazine. The article was called "Best Shop Break-In Store Ever". It's a true story of a break in 7 years ago around Christmas time and although it really really sucked at the time, it's a pretty crazy story and I hope you find in entertaining. Read more

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